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Special, premium smilies – like a vibrating, multi-color LOL – cost extra.Cam share (audio not enabled) costs six credits a minute. The Fortune article observes: "And thanks to people like me willing to pay to talk with beautiful young women like Anastasia – who was paid to respond – the trade is doing pretty well".Following the growth of Anastasia Date, the company spun off three websites during 2007, each connecting western men with women from different areas of the world: Amo Latina, Asian Beauties, and Africa Beauties.

But that fact didn't help to improve the site either.

I also know this - and this is an experiment you can perform for yourself: When I posted a profile on (a site with an impeccable reputation), I received an average of around five responses per month, and mostly from fairly average-looking women over 30 years old.

When I posted the same profile on Anastasia Web (even without photos), all of the hottest women from their site, regardless of age, including the 19 year-old lingerie model types, wrote to me. Well, I have some good possible explanations for the differences in both the number of responses and the "hotness" of the women responding...

First, you can have a discussion with the women online and get to know them prior to dating them. They have a history of standing by their men and showing great courage.

If the first couple of women do not work out, the ones coming after certainly will. This is portrayed through the parts they played fighting the Nazis in World War II.

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