Dating places in kathmandu

In general, I would suggest places like Nagarkot, some of the resorts in the inner part of Kathmandu, garden of dreams, some other public parks, or even Durbar Squares for short, casual dates.Yes, you can feel the valentine right now in the Kathmandu.

Be warned; Unless you're going there with your lover, things might get awkward.

The scarcity of dating spots have grown to such extent that they are not even sparing temples and monuments.

Also, with passage of time, the couple soon run out of good dating ideas.

You can also view the most pleasant natural scenic beauty with the majestic view of Mountains like Annapurna and the Everest. The second position for the private dating spot in Kathmandu is Garden of Dreams in our list.

If you want the place inside the Kathmandu that gives you intense pleasure, peaceful environment, and private comfort zone, then this one is the right place for your dating.

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You can find some sort of space anywhere but if you go beyond certain limits, you might be arrested of legal offense.

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