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Once you find "the one" (or at least the one to have kids with), finding an amazing babysitter to watch your little ones can be just as hard — especially when recommendations from friends and family members fail so you have to go online to find that perfect match.From not coming on too strong to the burning sting of being cheated on, dating and tracking down the perfect childcare provider can feel eerily similar — in all of the worst ways.One Saturday night last fall, my husband, Dan, and I drove down to Boston from our home in Portland, Maine, for an evening out.We'd gotten a babysitter for our son—a 20-something woman who had watched him occasionally in the summer. " "I think so," she said, willing me to fix this from the car.One thing parenting doesn’t make easy though, it dating.You read books on how to give birth and how to breastfeed, but learning how to date when you have a child seems much more complicated.Our son was still awake, zoned out to Seussical nonsense.The babysitter jumped up, leaving with a hefty check but without so much as a "good night." It was clear: We were in trouble. I felt ashamed that Dan and I had gotten lost in Boston, embarrassed that we'd been out together having fun.

They didn't go out all that often to require a sitter, but not every date/event could be arranged on alternating weekends when daughter was with dad.

She was not a super babysitter or a natural with kids, but she was fine. Convivially, I regaled her with the tale of how we'd gotten lost in Boston (I think everyone gets lost in Boston) and that we were running a little later than planned. Let's face it, when you're a babysitter and the parents are running late, you make more money, right? "He woke up," she said, sounding a little bit peeved. "Well, can you get him a stack of stories and read to him, maybe get him a little water or juice in a bottle?

That night she came at the appointed time, and off we went. And if all that fails…" (my confidence in her was shaky all of a sudden) "…he can watch some of that Dr.

But one little mishap can cost you a job, a client or even a future in the business. Don't break parents' trust by taking their privacy away. "Feel free to watch a movie or use the computer." This statement is pretty standard for babysitters to hear as parents head out the door, but Suzy's nap is not the best time to catch up on The Walking Dead.

When it comes to child care, each and every job is a chance to prove your prowess and expand your network of employers. Your clients' kids may be the cutest little creatures you've ever seen, but think twice before snapping a photograph, posting photos to your newsfeed or even checking in or mentioning where you're babysitting. And definitely don't send the parents photos of their baby playing with fireworks or sitting in a boiling saucepan!

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I think the offer is genuine and he just wants to help out. If he's hoping you'll say no, he shouldn't offer in the first place.

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