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I joined 2 days ago and have met a wonderful woman of 46 my own age. It is very difficult to meet people who do not consume alcohol, but i found one here on your web site. I am a very strong and independent man with set goals in life and I have never ...” “Am filled of jealousy,i will not love to see my wife hanging around with another man,people do say jealousy does not matter in a relationship,but i see it to as my first point,because it makes me secure my family. I'm mostly emo but have a very energetic side to me due to having adhd. I have a tendency to look for the lil moments in life, or sorta the spice or essence of life, the joys and the curiosities. Cooking is one of my greatest passions in life and I dream of one day starting my own restaurant.

Thanks a million” I met my wife on here, around 10 years ago - so it kind of works. You&#...” “I really don't know what to write about my self here except if you ask me what ever you care to know which i will be willingly to answer because am sick and tired of a lonely life , life without a partner is so bored which is why i came here to meet that special woman...” “Hi, well I'm having a go at this. ...” “I am looking for friends/dating and see how it goes. I like listening to music, green day, skrillex and die antwood are some of my favourites. I need a comforter in my life...” “I think most would describe me as friendly and rather sociable. Ultimately, I'd li...” “Hello guys, my name is Robin, i am 25 yrs old from Albania.

(Verse 1 - Dirty Dike) You're talking out your arse, I'm talking out my mouth You're squarking out your bars while I'm walking out the house And I don't make the rules, I just play the game And I won't bring my balls for no shameless bit of fame You're sniffing up your ket, I'm sniffing up my coke But I ain't gonna magnify the difference in a bloke You're living off the dole, I'm living off my soul And I don't wanna bitch about the system when I'm old I'm gonna buy some land, you're gonna buy some drugs You're gonna find a slag while I'm gonna find some love You're smoking on a dick, I'm smoking on a spliff You're showing off your kids and I'm a chauvinistic pig You're ringing up your mum, I'm drinking with your dad He's pissing in the street while he's fingering a slag You're living in a dream, I dribble in my sleep You're looking in the mirror while I'm spitting to this beat You're going to the fair, I'm going to the shops You ain't gonna hear my fucking album 'til it drops You're pissing in a bog, I'm pissing in a bush You listen to the trickle, it's a mission to the woods You're combing your hair, but nobody cares I'm a scruffy fucker but my omen is rare You're over-prepared, I'm casually lax I'm sat in the back of a taxi relaxed And I don't wanna prang, I just wanna chill When you just wanna hang around with slappers eating pills I just wanna fuck, you just wanna wank Ladies and gents give a very big thanks and a round of applause Man, you're a nause I don't wanna hang around with mans any more You're trying to be my friend, I'm trying to be a dick You're trying to make it stick while I'm trying to get rid (Verse 2 - Jam Baxter) I'm straddling a pig, you're a maggot in a wig You've gone and bought your whole smackwagon to the gig, why's it matter who I'm with?

The USP: Gives you the chance to tell your friends (rather than strangers) that you want to sleep with them.

[Intro] Sophie Aspin yeah Reply to Millie Millie B, you're such a slag [Chorus] Millie B you're such a slag Millie B yeah, are you mad Millie B tries to act bad When every night she's on a new lad Millie B you such a slag Millie B yeah, are you mad Millie B tries to act bad When every night she's on a new lad [Verse] Millie, you stupid slag Saw you in Leighton, licking my arse Daft little dog, I'll stamp on your head So watch out chick, yeah here's my send You stupid goon, sending for me Thinking she's hard, it's Millie B I got told that you got shagged behind [?

] yeah nah that's mad Don't send back, you should give up We all know you ain't big enough We all know you ain't big enough, yeah We all know you ain't big enough You ain't big enough, you ain't wise enough Silly little rat, stop piping up I'll cut you up into sixty-four pieces Send for me, my views are increasing And I heard you're a proper sket And you shagged someone for a cigarette Bath you in acid, send the vid to your mum And then I'll send another of me slicing your pug Don't try and get big, I'll smash your head in KFC, I'm finger-licking You're a slag and your knickers say next But all I'm seeing is empty threats [Chorus] Millie B you're such a slag Millie B yeah, are you mad Millie B, tries to act bad When every night she's on a new lad You're such a slag Millie B yeah, are you mad Millie B, tries to act bad When every night she's on a new lad [Verse 2] Aspin's here, Aspin's winning Millie B wants this life I'm living Fuck you babe, I'll get your head spinning Sending for me yeah, new beginnings But Aspin's back, sending season Sending for me without a reason Sophie Aspin, queen of grime Shut up you mong, I'll break your spine I'm being serious, I wanna clash Come Millie B, you're gonna get smashed But in this clash, you ain't gonna last You're a little mug yeah, don't chat gas You ain't won this, are you mad?

Everyone remembers the good old days of booty call dating from the days before the internet even existed.

There was nothing better than receiving a midnight call from a chick you knew that was maybe a little drunk and just wanted to give you a late night spicy visit.

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