Most intimidating looking dog breeds

Unfortunately, because certain breeds are favored by people who want to raise guard dogs, these breeds are often assumed to be naturally aggressive.

Pit Bulls are a good example of a breed that has gotten an unwarranted reputation as aggressive and dangerous.

It is also slightley taller than a German shepherd.

If you google wikianswers: what arew the top ten guard dog breeds, give a guess who's on top? It is also replacing the GSD (german shepherd dog) in policing.

It's sometimes assumed that any aggressive dog can make a good guard dog, but that's not really the case.They're shoulder angulation is terrible, not suitable for long distances, small mouth, little fur, and BONY! This dog is #1 and there is not even a close second.I'd like to see a BSD against a proper GERMAN trained schutzhund dog - NO CONTEST! No it doesn't attack with more force than a GSD or Rottweiler. Mal's are more agile thats about it, and maybe better for training. The fact that they are listed as third makes this page somewhat of a joke.They DO look very puny alongside a full grown 28'' GSD.They just haven't got the weight behind them to do the job properly, or the presence, or the command, or the looks, or the brains, or the cuddliness !

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