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David Sproxton Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Aardman will be presenting a retrospective of the company?

s productions, including classics like Sledgehammer Angry Kid, Purple & Brown, Morph, Shaun the Sheep and Creature Comforts.

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Never held much truck with it before but the on-set of male pattern coughing, spluttering and snoofling took me to Boots the other day.(CNN) -- My reaction to the new romantic comedy "Must Love Dogs" is simple: No, I don't. Lane plays Sarah Nolan, a schoolteacher who has been divorced for eight months when her family forces her back into the shark-filled waters of the dating game. The basic premise deals with the perils of Internet dating.So whether you like your love stories romantic, funny, quirky, sad, or bad—and even if you privately dream of Cupid shooting himself in his own foot—there’s something here to suit your mood.If you really love films and filmmaking, why not write a story and shoot your own short?

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I'm also a few days boozeless and that can only be a good thing after last week. Why blog when you can drink and eat and drink again, in Bowe's and Neary's and The Globe and all those places I seem to end up in spite of my liver and my self? Did myself a right old damage, lurgy and stomach-gah, but the form is good and why wouldn't it be? Home: August, and the move from 'Withnail and I'-style rusticity to grander pastures altogether, surrounded by people and restaurants and a supermarket that's only a slippery, slidey walk up the road away. Food: I went from olive-like to olive-love, picking them off the plates of unsuspecting co-diners and strangers alike. After the cholesterol scare of 2008 I still haven't fully embraced the myriad cheeses this town has to offer, but I'm getting there. Pubs: If you don't know where to find me by now, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

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  1. I never wanted to be an indie band." The Kooks' 26-year-old frontman, Luke Pritchard, is on typically mouthy form and it looks like it might be one of those interviews.