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We're working with collection holders to increase the range of catalogues and assets integrated in the new platform.

We're also communicating opportunities to develop educational products powered by the platform to VLE’s, companies and developers.

We are working in partnership with Learning on Screen and the BBC to make it easier for teachers, students and academics to access material held in the public collections of broadcasters, museums, libraries, galleries and publishers.

The research and education space (RES) comprises an open platform, built by the BBC which organises and indexes documents, data, images, TV and radio programmes and other rich descriptive resources from public sector institutions in the UK and beyond.

Although there has recently been considerable effort to improve and standardise the reporting of medical research (e.g., the CONSORT statement for randomised controlled trials [].

Beyond deficiencies of software, such numerical errors may later originate in the transcription of results from computer outputs to reports and manuscripts, wrong rounding of results, or uncorrected typesetting errors.

The frequencies of the last digit of statistics deviated from the uniform distribution and suggested digit preference in rounding and reporting. Errors include aspects of design, analysis, and reporting and interpretation.

In the first phase of the project we provided Learning on Screen with project funding to greatly enhance the Box of Broadcasts (Bo B) service for ERA licence holders, while the BBC made an extensive collection of off-air recordings available to the service.

Bo B National users now have access to: In the final final phase of the project, and to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, over 500 Shakespeare-related TV and radio programmes from the BBC archive are now accessible via Learning on Screen’s Bo B service.

Benford's law states that for the first digit the probability of 1 is 30.1% while the probability for 9 is 4.6% [].

However, the distribution flattens out progressively for subsequent digits and the difference is only 12.0% for 0 and 8.5% for 9 for the second digit (and 10.2% and 9.8% respectively for the third digit).

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