Updating strong satellite receiver software

What is new: Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) sending over IP.

Firmware upgrade for devices with separated management and stream ports It can be used only over 1.08 version devices!

Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / TV/Movies / Satellite TV Technology / Powervu Updated Software For Strong Srt4922 Series (13659 Views) Updated Frequency & Symbol Rate of FTA Channels using Strong Receiver / UPDATED Patch Software For Strong 4902, 4922, 4930, 4930l, 4950 And Qsat Decoder / Powervu Keys (1) (2) (3) (4) well as at the late hours of yesterday ourcommon and popular power vu sport channelsporthd 24 that air live football matches becamea hard knot to crack.. at a point mtnworldwide startedchanging their keys in less than 20mins...

so thismade some of the autoroll powervu decoders tostop decrypting mtnworldwide..as at thetime of posting this some of the decoders are upand doing just fine...for how long?

The procedure below is suitable for these models as well, only they DO require a different version of the firmware.

(1) Depending on local signal conditions(2) STRONG cannot guarantee the playback of all files although extensions are listed, as it depends on file size, codec, bit rate and resolution(3) Availability depending on broadcaster* Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories STRONG declares that this item complies with the basic requirements and other relevant regulations of directives CE 2004/108/EC and 73/23/EC, Ro HS 2002/95/EC Subject to alterations.

In consequence of continuous research and development technical specifications, design and appearance of products may change.

Firmware upgrade for EDGE, Bridge and IP TV Remultiplexers EDGE Remultiplexer CW-4458, CW-4558 IP TV Remultiplexer CW-4456, CW-4556 Bridge Remultiplexer CW-4450 v1.04: save to file without any Java, NIT table Constellation mode; Firmware upgrade for devices with separated management and stream ports It can be used only over 1.08 version devices!

Fixes: Faster TCP communication through firewalls, gateways, and antivirus softwares Firmware upgrade for DVB-T-T2-C receiver (CW-4631, CW-4632, CW-4634, CW-4636, CW-4641, CW-4642, CW-4644, CW-4646) Version: 1.06 It can be used only with Gigabit Ethernet Controller2 v1.11 or higer version.

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