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While this remains a major focus of the initiative, metadata elements inevitably serve multiple purposes, and applications often support more than just discovery.Similarly, metadata requirements within a given domain generally demand additional semantics beyond what are provided in the Dublin Core.There are many mods and tweaks you can do on your Samsung Galaxy S4 to make it feel more fresh, like using a more customizable keyboard and a better PIN unlock, but if you want to make your Galaxy S4 feel even fresher, add a little Galaxy S5 touch to it.We've already shown you how to mimic the selective focus feature on the S5's camera and how to update Watch ON to the newest version.Heather Begg, as Lady Jane was imposing but comic, and even survived a severe bout of corpsing towards the end when she accidentally knocked Bunthorn off his feet.Bunthorn, played by Dennis Olsen looks so delicate he is the very embodiment of an aesthete poet.

According to Variety, CBS is going to tap into this desire to see rich assholes suffer with A Burglar’s Guide To The City, a TV adaptation of Geoff Manaugh’s non-fiction book of the same name.

Open to flattery in the prettiest pastel shades of suede.

Wouldn't you know they're from Manfield-The fashion shoe shop.

The project comes from Scorpion’s Paul Grellong, and its executive producers include Star Trek Beyond’s Alex Kurtzman and Justin Lin, both of whom also worked on Scorpion.

A Burglar’s Guide To The City is about “a team of modern-day Robin Hoods,” with their leader being “a brilliant architect with a troubled past.” That sounds a little Mr.

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First among these issues is the mission of the initiative.

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