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When they tested it, they didn't get the 'ring' all over the plate they wanted.- If you see numbers at the waist such as 1 1 20, it is a British made anvil.The last time I checked on new STEEL anvil prices they were around .00 per POUND....... Was coming to the end of the East side fence row and still had no "bootie"!There was a younger guy there in the last spot with a lot of older Hi Fi Stereo equip sitting on his PU tail gate.This is just intended as a rough guide for identifying anvils which are not clearly marked.

For millennia the Forgefather of the Salamanders has led the search to recover legendary relics, the Artefacts of Vulkan.

I suppose I could have just taken a ride down to the Harbor Fright store and bought one of their Russian “anvil shaped objects”, but I have this thing for Authentic American Iron, and have learned that I’m better off spending more money for quality tools in the long run.

One of the trends I’ve noticed in the past few years is that a week or two before the CAMS Annual Yard Sale guys will start listing stuff that they won’t be bringing to the sale (too big or bulky).

Val (the welding Guru) had one for a little over 2$ a pound that sounded like it was in pretty good shape.

He said it had been purchased new by a Vocational School in the 60s (? This is the sight that greeted me after a 58 mile drive.

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